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Development Strategy


The key component of the Ibom Industrial City is the Ibom Deep Sea Port. Delivered in Phase 1, which will act as a catalyst for development of the city. Industrial and logistics areas planned adjacent to the IDSP will create a critical mass for strong residential and supporting facilities to be established in Phase 1.

The development strategy of Ibom Industrial City is described below:

  • Two green spine routes connect the main urban centres together. The main circulation routes serve the industrial areas and connect directly to the IDSP for the efficient movement of goods.

  • A main expressway will connect the site to the proposed Ibaka Super Highway to the north of the Site.

  • Other key gateways may be connected at later stages in the City’s development. These connections will link up with the existing settlements of Unyehe and Enwang.

  • The majority of the site is given to industrial land uses, with a compact city centre to the north of Widenham Creek.

  • Widenham and Effiat Creek define designated wildlife corridors that will allow the movement of wildlife and existing settlements to remain in close proximity to the Rivers.

  • The full phasing strategy can been seen on the page here or from the main drop down list. 

Urban Design Strategy of Ibom Industrial City
Urban Design Strategy Key.PNG

Urban Design Strategy of Ibom Industrial City