Grading Begins for Ibom Industrial City Expressway

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Ibom Industrial City is a new state of the area economic city in Akwa Ibom State. The site is relatively remote, and with a view to enhancing the site connectivity, one of the first early construction projects undertaken has been the grading of the Western Expressway which will allow construction vehicles and workers to access the site safely and quickly.


Totalling approximately 23km, the roadway will mark the first step towards establishing the Ibom Industrial City within Akwa Ibom State.

Next Steps for IIC?

The Next Steps for the Ibom Industrial City are rapidly being progressed with a new Sales Centre proposed along with several initial plots for Phase 1A.

For security, and demarcating the entrance to IIC, a new iconic Gateway and checkpoint will be constructed to act as a visual landmark to the Project. The Gateway will be situated along the main Western Expressway into Ibom Industrial City, where in the future, thousands of road vehicles will be utilise this thoroughfare connecting the Ibom Deep Sea Port to inland Nigeria and beyond.

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