Land Use Plan

As part of the Ibom Industrial City (IIC), an in-depth economic development strategy for the site was prepared, underpinned
by population and labour workforce growth, trade implications and industrialisation. This economic development strategy has defined the land use budget for IIC.  

Based on the findings, a phased development profile was proposed for the period up to the year 2050, with the rationale underpinning the employment projections for the economic vision and Project anchors based on the following key drivers:

1.  Gas-to-Petrochemicals
2.  Logistics Hub

Full build out land use budget

Full Build Out Land Use Budget

The land uses illustrated were informed by the Market Study and a strong desire for such plots has already driven interest
for developments. If you would like to reserve a plot within Ibom Industrial City, please contact us here.


 The residential, mixed, use, civic and educational facilities are concentrated within city, district and neighbourhood centres, with  the heavy industrial and logistics land uses located predominately around the Ibom Deep Sea Port. To the northeast and northwest of the residential areas and city centre are light industrial zones. Proposed road and rail links ensure the site
is well-connected.


A network of green open spaces provides high quality amenity for the residents of the IIC.

Ibom new Overall
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