Ibom Deep Sea Port (ISDP)

ibom deep sea port

Ibom deep seaport is a Federal Government project driven by the Federal Ministry of Transportation, Akwa Ibom State & Nigerian Port Authority. Once constructed, it will be the first transhipment port capable of accommodation oversized (New and Post Panamax) vessels for international imports/exports and smaller vessels aimed to re-distribute cargo to river ports in Akwa Ibom State. The Port is well positioned to offer a value proposition superior to other ports in the region as no other port in the West African region has yet to be established as a major transhipment hub.

It will occupy 2,565Ha of land area split across three phases of development.


Key Facts:

  • 1st Transhipment Port in Akwa Ibom capable of facilitating Deep water access for a variety of vessels.

  • 5,129 hectares for port development incorporated with the FTZ development in Akwa Ibom State

  • Direct connections to the Gulf of Guinea.

  • Short distance to destination markets to minimize feeder transit and costs

  • Large gateway market size to attract direct vessel services

For more information relating to the Ibom Deep Sea Port, please visit the Akwa Ibom State Government Website located here:​http://idsp.ak.gov.ng/