Engaging with Stakeholders and Communities


What we have done


In preparing the Concept Masterplan for Ibom Industrial City (IIC),
data was obtained from a large number of stakeholders and follow-up interviews
and meetings were held.

Questionnaires were completed by existing businesses in the area and potential

future investors.

Finally, a Stakeholder Visioning Workshop was undertaken to reach
an agreed way forward for the Concept Masterplan proposals.


What we are planning to do


As we work on the detailed planning process for Phase 1, we are developing a Stakeholder Engagement Plan which will identify the stakeholders and communities to be engaged, how and when they will be engaged.

Stakeholder and community engagement meetings will be undertaken to re-introduce the project to the communities and key stakeholders. Stakeholder workshops will be held at key milestones in the project. This will enable feedback to be provided on the detailed plans as they develop.

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