Strategic Infrastructure

This section defines the transportation infrastructure required to connect and enhance Ibom Industrial City, providing multi-modal accessibility for the movement of goods and people,.

Road transportation

Based on the analysis of generated traffic demand, two connections to the East-West Road are proposed. One will primarily serve the Port, logistics and heavy industrial areas and one will serve the rest of the Industrial City. The potential need for a third connection at later stages of development will be assessed in the future.


The Ibom Super Highway is a proposed 55km, 8-lane road connecting the settlements of Eket, Upenekang and Kwa Ibo in the south-central region of Akwa Ibom to the town of Oron in the east and will connect to the State Highway from Oron to Uyo. The alignment of the Ibom Super Highway closely follows the existing coastline, relieving congestion on the existing East-West Road between Eket and Oron, serving existing settlements that include Unyehe, Enwang and Okobo Ebughu.  The Highway will provide a valuable link to the State Capital Uyo and Uyo International Airport, as well as providing the basis for a potential link with Calabar in the future, if a road bridge from Oron to Calabar was
to be constructed.

Public Transport

Proposed connector roads to Ibom Industrial City

Proposed Connector Roads to Ibom Industrial City 

A high-quality public transport system will connect the Industrial City with the main destinations in Akwa Ibom, with interchange facilities provided to facilitate transfer between internal city-wide and inter-urban services. The principal public transport corridors will lie north towards Uyo and west towards Eket and Ikot Abasi. 
The system is likely to be bus-based in the immediate future, although land reserves have been provided for a future LRT system, to provide passenger services in conjunction with the proposed rail link to the Ibom Industrial City.

Rail transportation

There are no existing railway lines in Akwa Ibom State. However, the Port Harcourt-Nguru line runs to the west of the state with the closest connection point being at Aba. The Master Plan for Nigeria Railway System Development adopted in 2010 proposed the modernisation of all existing lines and a number of new lines. The Master Plan proposals included a new line between Calabar and Benin via Uyo, Aba and Port Harcourt, with possible extension to Lagos, and a Calabar-Uyo-Umuahia line. 
A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with the China Civil Engineering Construction Company for the construction of the Lagos- Calabar line, with the Port Harcourt- Uyo-Calabar section expected to be operational within two to three years. 
The current position with regards to the rehabilitation of the Port Harcourt- Maiduguri line, which is identified as a short-term priority in the NIIMP, is not known. Upgrading of this line to standard gauge will be important to maximising the benefits of rail connection to the Industrial City by providing through standard gauge connections to the north
of the country. 


Existing and proposed rail connections for Akwa Ibom state

Existing and Proposed Rail Connections for Akwa Ibom State

The project enabling infrastructure facilitates the exploitation of the scope for moving freight, and to a lesser extent people,
by waterway. Realisation of this potential will, of course, then depend on the measures being carried out
to improve the capacity of the waterway system - channel dredging and the improvement/expansion
of loading/unloading/trans-shipment facilities.

Enabling infrastructure to facilitate water transportation includes east-west canals to connect to the north-south waterways,
most importantly the Cross River. These, however, have to be subject to feasibility studies, particularly with regards to their impacts on drainage and the environment. Facilities for trans-shipment between maritime vessels and inland waterway vessels would
be required at the port, together with jetties for loading and unloading at appropriate locations in the Industrial City.